Advertising on Worsley Radio

Getting your message to our audience couldn't be simpler all you have to do is contact us at and we can give you all the information you need.

Remember in these difficult economic times it is important that your business stands out from your competitors, make sure customers choose you.

Radio advertising has certain advantages over other media in that the listener is going to hear your advert each time it is played while they are listening. Printed adverts can be avoided or ignored, but the listener cannot escape hearing your message if they are tuned in.

That's not to say that printed advertising is not affective, clearly it is, but a radio advert can bring your message to life in a way that printed adverts cannot, it can even feature you! It can also ensure when choosing vendors who supply the services or products that you provide your potential customers know more about YOU than your competition.


The cost of radio advertising has always been a difficult area and it is known that only the big boys can afford to advertise on radio and TV. Well that has all changed now. Worsley Radio is a not for profit internet radio station and does not have huge running costs or lots of staff to pay, all the presenters you hear on-air are volunteers and receive no money for doing their shows. So this means that the advertising rates are not anything like as high as you may think. There will be few places where you can get this much exposure for the price.


Put your ad in the local paper or magazine, how many times will it be read by an individual? Once, twice, three times... or maybe even ten times? If it is a weekly publication that will be all you get for those 7 days and it is likely to only be on the day it is purchased. On the radio your ad can be played three, six, nine (or many more) times EVERY DAY for a whole month!!!! And the cost will probably be much less than a printed advert.

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